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Short linear loaded ham radio band HF antenna

A short linear loaded ham radio band HF antenna is a type of antenna that uses linear loading to reduce its physical length. Linear loading is a technique that involves adding parallel conductors to the antenna elements. This increases the antenna’s effective length, allowing it to operate at a shorter physical length.

Short linear loaded antennas are often used in situations where there is limited space for an antenna. For example, they can be used in urban areas where there are zoning restrictions on antenna height. They can also be used in homes where there is not enough space for a full-size antenna.Short linear loaded antennas are typically made from two parallel conductors, such as copper tubing or ladder line. The conductors are spaced a few inches apart and are connected to a center insulator. The antenna is then fed with a coax cable.

linear loaded hf antenna Short linear loaded ham radio band HF antenna

Linear loaded short HF antenna

The length of the conductors in a short linear loaded antenna is determined by the frequency band that the antenna is designed to operate on. For example, an antenna that is designed to operate on the 20-meter band would have conductors that are about 30 feet long.Short linear loaded antennas can be effective on a variety of HF bands, including 160, 80, 40, 20, 15, and 10 meters. They typically have a radiation resistance of around 35 ohms, which means that they can be fed with coax cable without the need for an antenna tuner.


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