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bangalore websdr radio

WebSDR Location – Bengaluru, India |   Windows: Firefox, Chrome & Edge work; IE does not work. Mac & Linux: Safari, Firefox, Chrome & Opera should work fine. Open and close the panels by using the circled arrows at the top right corner. You can click and/or drag almost anywhere on the page to …

Video – GEK 2X SSB Transceiver receiving BCDXNET

The GEK 2x SSB Transceiver is a Mid range high performance Low-noise, low cost SSB HF transceiver. The local oscillator is stable DDS VFO and DDS BFO/Carriers oscillator. The Power amplifier is designed as a push-pull Mitsubishi the latest generation of 12V-30MHz Silicon MOSFET Power Transistor. The RD06HHF1 is used in the pre driver and …

Video – AIR MW DRM Reception

All India Radio chennai -A DRM digital transmission reception at my listening post in Krishnagiri Receiver – MSI SDR with long wire antenna. Location – Krishnagiri 635108 Equipment – MSI.SDR Dongle Software –Sdruno 1.4 & DREAM Decoder Antenna – 66 feet Longwire antenna tuned for amateur bands Video – AIR RAJKOT DRM Reception