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Terminated End Fed Vee Antenna (TEFV)

Terminated End Fed Vee Antenna (TEFV) Figure1 – Terminated End Fed Vee antenna   It is a travelling wave antenna, which has a constant current distribution along its length. Antennas usually used by radio amateurs are resonant standing wave types like dipoles. It is built to a specific tuned length so that a standing wave is …

DIY – Making printed circuit boards

pcb making

Making printed circuit boards There are many ways to produce your own printed circuit boards. Small boards for DC switching circuits are easy to make because neither the size nor the shape of the copper foil traces is critical. Boards containing many digital ICs are considerably harder to lay out and etch. There are also …

Technical Article -Tutorial on Spread Spectrum Technology

Author – D.Prabakaran Spread spectrum technology has blossomed from a military technology into one of the fundamental building blocks in current and next-generation wireless systems. From cellular to cordless to wireless LAN (WLAN) systems, spectrum is a vital component in the system design process. Since spread-spectrum is such an integral ingredient, it’s vital for designers …