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Technical articles

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Publications – Technical articles published by me (Partial list)

1. Amateur Packet Radio, EFY Magazine, February 2004.

2. Digital multimedia & TV Broadcasting, EFY Magazine, 2006.

3. The little known amateur Radio Satellites, EFY Magazine (March 2005)

4. Digital Broadcasting in AM Radio Bands, EFY Magazine, 2002.

5. Experiments with Radio in education: Distance Learning in India by Radio – Monitoring Times Magazine –USA, September 2003

6. Digital Audio Broadcasting: Looking into the future – POP’COMM Magazine – USA, November 2006

7. DRM Receivers promise FM quality for AM Broadcasts – EFY Magazine, November 2004

8. Bend It like EL Lamp – EFY Magazine, February 2003

9. Amateur Packet Radio – EFY Magazine, February 2004

10. DLP: Brings a revolution in big screen projection – EFY Magazine, July 2007

11. Data casting: Data riding the airwaves – EFY Magazine, December 2005 & January 2006

12. Surround Sound: New Frontier for digital radio – Monitoring Times Magazine, November 2007

13. High Brightness white LEDs: The Future Lamps – EFY Magazine, August 2004

14. Antennae for good fm reception and fm DX listening – EFY Magazine, December 2003

15. VHF Slim Jim Antenna for 2m BandEFY Magazine, December 2003

16. Tutorial on Spread Spectrum Technology – EE Times

17. Digital Radio Mondiale – HiFi for AM Radio – Monitoring Times-USA

18. Is it Broadcasting or Datacasting? – Monitoring Times -USA

19. Interference Filter for Medium Wave DXers – Monitoring Times -USA

20. EL Lamp Driver using HV832MG   – Elektor (uk)

21. FM Wireless Microphone -Elektor(UK)

22. Step-Up Booster Powers Eight White LED -Elektor(UK)

23. Incandescent lamp flasher – Elektor(UK)

24. High efficiency white LED charge pump – Electronics World (UK)

25. LED torchElectronics World (UK)

26. All about GPS – January 2004 – NutsVolts magazine

My contributions as columnist in Infocentral Column published in Popular Communication magazine during the years 2004 to 2012

Infocentral Column published in Popular Communication magazine

List of my articles and circuit ideas published in Electronics for you magazine

EFY articles & circuit designs published

List of my circuit design ideas published Elector Electronics Magazine

Design ideas published Elector Electronics