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Simple horizontal V antenna for NOAA weather satellites reception


Modified  simple horizontal V antenna This antenna is little modified version of antenna  designed by Adam 9A4QV for noaa/METEOR  Weather sat reception. Adams antenna is based on a very simple linearly polarized dipole, which makes construction almost trivial. I tried his antenna and found that practical difficulties in finding choc block terminals. Chock block terminals are not strong enough …

Video – NOAA19 weather satellite reception with experimental V dipole antenna

noaa19 weathersat reception HDSDR

NOAA19 weather satellite reception with experimental v dipole antenna Date – 18.01.2022 Location – Krishnagiri, Tamilnadu, India Receiving Hardware – RTL SDR with experimental v dipole antenna. NOAA 18 and NOAA 19 weather satellites provide free accessible weather data continuously through Automatic Picture Transmission at 137.9125 MHz and 137.1000 MHz frequencies. RTL-SDR TUTORIAL: RECEIVING NOAA …