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Short linear loaded ham radio band HF antenna

Linear loaded short HF antenna

A short linear loaded ham radio band HF antenna is a type of antenna that uses linear loading to reduce its physical length. Linear loading is a technique that involves adding parallel conductors to the antenna elements. This increases the antenna’s effective length, allowing it to operate at a shorter physical length. Short linear loaded …

DIY 80M Trapped dipole antenna


This 80M Trapped dipole antenna is the work of Nadisha 4S7NR, modified by YC0HLE which results are matched at a frequency of 3,845 MHz. This design will be resonant at a frequency of around 3,250MHz to 3,850MHz. Coil inductance = 67.83 µH, made of email wire diameter = 1 mm, diameter of the cocker = …

Simple horizontal V antenna for NOAA weather satellites reception


Modified  simple horizontal V antenna This antenna is little modified version of antenna  designed by Adam 9A4QV for noaa/METEOR  Weather sat reception. Adams antenna is based on a very simple linearly polarized dipole, which makes construction almost trivial. I tried his antenna and found that practical difficulties in finding choc block terminals. Chock block terminals are not strong enough …

Multiband Half wave end fed antenna


Multiband Half wave end fed antenna The end fed half wave antenna is an attractive option for many radio amateurs as it is able to provide multiband operation without the use of traps or stubs whilst occupying a minimum amount of space. A broad-band matching network is typically used to transform the high impedance of …

Rothammels Antenna Book – Translated and revised from the 13th German edition

Rothammels Antennabook

Rothammels Antenna Book For many years, radio amateurs have been using this reference book, which has acquired a firm place in amateur-radio literature as an “antenna cookbook.” Dating back to the fifties, it has developed into a comprehensive reference book for practical use, which has been published in numerous German-language editions. In the interest of …

VK4FUQ Optimized sloper antenna for 3.5Mhz

optimized sloper antenna

VK4FUQ’s optimised sloper antenna for 3.5MHz. Radiator and counterpoise radial are both one-quarter-wave in length (length in metres = 71.37/(frequency in MHz) or in feet 234/MHz). The radial should be at least 5ft (preferably about 8ft) above ground and immediately underneath the radiator. Good quality insulators are need at the top of the preferably non-conductive …

Terminated End Fed Vee Antenna (TEFV)

Terminated End Fed Vee Antenna (TEFV) Author :  D.Prabakaran  VU3DXR Figure1 – Terminated End Fed Vee antenna   It is a travelling wave antenna, which has a constant current distribution along its length. Antennas usually used by radio amateurs are resonant standing wave types like dipoles. It is built to a specific tuned length so that …

Antenna – Foldaway Loop antenna

This loop antenna is based on one published in one of back issues of sprat by DL1HCU. It worked well with QRP power from 20-10 metres, including WARC bands. The tuning capacitor is twin gang type salvaged from old radio.