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Rothammels Antenna Book – Translated and revised from the 13th German edition

Rothammels Antenna Book For many years, radio amateurs have been using this reference book, which has acquired a firm place in amateur-radio literature as an “antenna cookbook.” Dating back to the fifties, it has developed into a comprehensive reference book for practical use, which has been published in numerous German-language editions. In the interest of …

VK4FUQ Optimized sloper antenna for 3.5Mhz

VK4FUQ’s optimised sloper antenna for 3.5MHz. Radiator and counterpoise radial are both one-quarter-wave in length (length in metres = 71.37/(frequency in MHz) or in feet 234/MHz). The radial should be at least 5ft (preferably about 8ft) above ground and immediately underneath the radiator. Good quality insulators are need at the top of the preferably non-conductive …

Terminated End Fed Vee Antenna (TEFV)

Terminated End Fed Vee Antenna (TEFV) Figure1 – Terminated End Fed Vee antenna   It is a travelling wave antenna, which has a constant current distribution along its length. Antennas usually used by radio amateurs are resonant standing wave types like dipoles. It is built to a specific tuned length so that a standing wave is …

Antenna – Foldaway Loop antenna

This loop antenna is based on one published in one of back issues of sprat by DL1HCU. It worked well with QRP power from 20-10 metres, including WARC bands. The tuning capacitor is twin gang type salvaged from old radio.