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SSM2167 audio processor for Baofeng Mic enclosure

SSM2167 audio processor for Baofeng Mic enclosure

Mic gain is barely adequate on the µBITx transceiver since there is no Mic Gain control. It would also be helpful to not only provide mic gain control, but to add compression in order to boost the average power output.The SSM2167 is a powerful audio processor that can significantly improve the quality of the audio signal. It is a key component in many personal electronics and computer audio systems, and it is also used in other applications where high-quality audio is required.

The SSM2167 audio processor also has a noise gate feature, which can be used to reduce the noise in the audio signal. This is done by only allowing the signal to pass through the compressor when it is above a certain level. This helps to remove any background noise that is below the threshold, which can make the signal sound clearer. The SSM2167 is a useful addition to the uBitx SSB transceiver, and it can help to improve the audio quality of the transmitted signal. However, it is important to use the compressor sparingly, as too much compression can make the signal sound distorted.

Juan Carlos Barberena Glez designed a printed circuit board to replace existing pcb inside Baofeng Mic enclosure and posted all project files including circuit sprint layout and gerbers in bitx20 under files section. MVS Sharma VU2ZMV found flaws & missed ground connection in  original layout and modified pcb layout.

Baofeng Mic parts scaled SSM2167  audio processor for Baofeng Mic enclosure

SSM2167 Baofeng PCB Corrected PCB layout SSM2167  audio processor for Baofeng Mic enclosure
SSM2167 audio processer for baofeng enclosure – correct layout

Bitx20 Files page 

Gerber files

SSM2167 Microphone Preamplifier with compression for ubitx HF Transceiver


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