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Decoding the Motorola GM300 Model Number

Motorola GM300 mobile radios cover the VHF (136-174 MHz in two ranges) and UHF (403-520 MHz in four ranges) bands, with 8 or 16 channels, 12.5 or 20/25/30 kHz channel spacing, and 10, 25, and 35 – 45-watt power levels. They use the same accessories (loudspeakers, microphones, accessory plugs, power cords, mounting brackets, etc.) as the MaxTracs.

GM300 Specifications Decoding the Motorola GM300 Model Number

Fig: Decoding Motorola gm300 model number

The first six characters are pretty much standard Motorola convention. The second six characters provide a lot of useful information about the capabilities of the radio and the boards contained within it.  A typical model number would be M44GMC09C3A_. This is a 40 watt, UHF radio, 45.1 MHz IF, narrow spacing (12.5 kHz), 16 channels, expanded logic board, 438-470 MHz band.

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