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The timer circuit described here provides a pleasant musical tone in your darkroom at 1-second intervals.The circuit takes up very little space and can be easily converted into a metronome.

Unijunction transistor (UJT) T1 functioning as a relaxation oscillator triggers the phase-shift audio oscillator circuit built around transistor T2, turning it on and off. As capacitor C1 is charged through preset VR1 and resistor R1, the emitter voltage of UJT rises toward the supply voltage.

2A2 clocker time   efy Circuits   DARK ROOM TIMER

When the emitter voltage becomes sufficiently positive, the emitter becomes forward biased and discharges capacitor C1 through the emitter-base 1 (B1) junction and resistor R2. The voltage drop across R2 forward biases transistor T2 and turns it on. As capacitor C1 becomes discharged, the current through resistor R2 drops and transistor T2 is cut off.

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