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Circuits – 7MHz CW / AM QRP Transmitter

7MHz CW / AM QRP Transmitter  – D.Prabakaran The circuit of a 7MHz C W / A M QRP transmitter described here can be used to transmit either CW or audio frequency modulated signal over a 7MHz carrier. The carrier frequency oscillator is crystal controlled using 7MHz crystal in its fundamental mode. The tank circuit …

Video – NOAA19 weather satellite reception with experimental V dipole antenna

noaa19 weathersat reception HDSDR

NOAA19 weather satellite reception with experimental v dipole antenna Date – 18.01.2022 Location – Krishnagiri, Tamilnadu, India Receiving Hardware – RTL SDR with experimental v dipole antenna. NOAA 18 and NOAA 19 weather satellites provide free accessible weather data continuously through Automatic Picture Transmission at 137.9125 MHz and 137.1000 MHz frequencies. RTL-SDR TUTORIAL: RECEIVING NOAA …

Circuits – Offset tuning indicator for CW


An NE567 tone decoder, tuned to the transceiver`s CW offset frequency, ensures that the transceiver will be transmitting on the same frequency as the received CW signal. Simply tune the transceiver so that the LED lights. Eight to 13 Vdc is required; this can be taken from the transceiver supply or an extra battery. Audio …

Circuits – Simple tester checks LCDs


Manufacturers of electronic equipment use LCDs for calculators, watches, mini-videogames, and pagers, for example. In comparison with LED-based displays,which consume power on the order of tens of milliwatts, an LCD consumes onlya few microwatts. The LCD thus saves power by a factor of approximately 1000. Checking an LED is as simple as checking a semiconductor …

Video – KTWR DRM Transmission Reception

TWR DRM reception

  KTWR DRM Transmission Reception Day – 16.01.2022,sunday, 4.00PM IST,10.30 UTC 15200 kHz DRM Mode Location – Krishnagiri 635108 Equipment – MSI.SDR Dongle Software -Sdruno 1.4 & DREAM Decoder Antenna – 66 feet longwire antenna tuned for amateur bands